The Neck Dive Strap[TM]

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The Neck Dive Strap holds your guitar or bass firmly in the angled position you choose.
It prevents neck-heavy instruments from "diving"
when you take both your hands off them...
and it is comfortable to wear.
Your instrument will even feel lighter once it is attached.
Just put it around your leg using the quick-release adjustable buckle,
and attach the strap end to your existing shoulder strap end pin.
How do you get two straps on one end pin barrel?  Easy.
Strap-commit using the included fender washer, or use the optional strap lock.
More on that below...


List and explanation of the numbers in each diagram:

1. The portion of the strap that wraps around your leg.
2. The leather strap end, with hole and slit.
3. The instrument end pin.
3a. The end pin hole, in the leather strap end.
4. A single-adjustable, quick-release buckle for the leg portion of the strap.
5. Another buckle for adjusting the length of the strap from the leg to the instrument.
6. Pull this part of the strap to shorten the length of #7 and raise the neck.
Pull up on the buckle tab on #5 to lengthen #7 and lower the neck.
7. The portion of the strap that determines the "length" of the strap
between the leg and the instrument.
(partially hidden in Fig. 1, see Fig. 2 below.)
8.  Your shoulder strap, which you already have.
9. Your instrument, which, if you are reading this, may be something other than my Gibson EDS-1275 Doubleneck...
but just as problematic in terms of balance, comfort, and ease of playability.



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"How do I attach two straps to the same end pin?"

Until someone manufactures an end pin barrel that is 3-4mm longer than what is now available,
you can use one of these two simple methods to get
two straps attached to the one end pin location:
1. "Shoulder-strap commit", freeing up the entire end pin barrel that is already on your guitar or bass, or
2. Using the optional strap lock and barrel(+$7), replacing the end pin you have now.
Either way, they will both work.
1. The shoulder-strap commit method may be familiar to many of you already.
You unscrew your existing end pin,
place the end of your shoulder strap over the screw hole on the body of the guitar,
hold the washer (included with every order) over the strap hole, and screw the end pin back on.
This means your shoulder strap is committed to the instrument...
But the end pin barrel is now free to take on the Neck Dive Strap all for itself.
This is the method I have used for my doubleneck, and all the other guitars and basses in my collection
that have their own, dedicated straps.
2. The Strap Lock method will work with any shoulder strap that has a strap-end thickness of 3mm or less.
Of the dozen or so straps I have, I only have one that is thicker than that...5mm.  it is from the 80s.
All the rest are between 1 and 3mm thick.
  Measure yours before ordering the strap with the optional lock...just to be safe.
Remove your current end pin, and replace it with the strap lock end pin.
Twist the strap lock into the hole in the Neck Dive Strap leather end.
With the shoulder strap attached, there should be enough room
to fit the strap lock onto the remaining space on the end pin barrel.
That's because the barrel on this particular strap lock is FLAT..therefore creating extra room!  1mm is all you need.
For both instances, put the Neck Dive Strap around your leg first.
Then put on your guitar or bass, reach down and grab the leg strap's leather end,
and attach it to the end pin.
To take it off, simply detach it from the end pin, or use the quick release buckle (#4).
To adjust the instrument angle, or neck height,
pull down on the remaining length of strap to raise the neck
or lift up the tab on the second buckle (#5) to lower the neck.
I hope you find this strap as useful, and enjoyable as I do,
if you have any instrument that gives you annoying balance problems.
Liberate these instruments from their cases and play them again...standing up!


The Neck Dive Strap is $19.95 (washer included)

The Optional Strap Lock and end pin barrel is $6.95.

Dozens of strap colors and patterns available.

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Introducing: The Neck Dive Strap.
A simple solution that eliminates "neck dive".

Comfortable, unobtrusive, fully adjustable strap.
If end pin can't "rise" neck(s) can't "dive"...
No guitar modifications necessary.
Fully adjustable in two places.
Strap attaches and detaches with ease...from your leg or the end pin. 
Adjust neck position on the fly.
Once attached your doubleneck, bass, etc. won't dive...
You retain all the important freedoms of movement.
Makes playing unbalanced instruments comfortable again.
Heavy guitars like Doublenecks will feel a bit lighter!
Guitar and bass manufacturers can now build any instrument they like without regard to body shape or balance issues.
Thousands of vintage guitars, basses and Doublenecks can be liberated from their cases...and played comfortably!


The Neck Dive Strap [TM] is patented.
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