August 08, 2014

Welcome to Catastrophe Lounge

I want to welcome all of you to our official website launch.  Lots of events and projects will be coming to this website over the coming months, but the first is a flagship product that has been in development for the past two and a half years: The Neck Dive Strap.

There will be an FAQ, a video, reviews, and a tale of how the idea for this strap came about, in the coming weeks and months  My hope is that you will find this strap as useful as I do, if you own a neck-heavy instrument, whether it be a Gibson EDS-1275 Doubleneck guitar, some vintage guitar, an unbalanced bass, or even an acoustic guitar that simply won't sit straight on your shoulder when played standing up.  

I can, however, state this with confidence: If Jimmy Page had access to a strap like this during Led Zeppelin's live shows, he would have nailed the first note to the lead in "Stairway to Heaven" every time.  I tried doing this when the first strap prototype was made, using my own EDS-1275.  When taking both hands off the guitar to change necks and flip the tone switch at the same time, the neck did not drop.  That was the a coming video will show.  I can get from the 12 to the 6 with ease, knowing exactly where that neck will be everytime.  Perhaps, if John McLaughlin had access to this strap as well, he may still be playing his white EDS-1275 today.  Who knows.  I hope both get one and try it out. 

The solution to this problem has been a long time coming...and in fact was deemed impossible to solve adequately, without adding weight to the guitar.  I had given up as well...and consigned my best guitar to its case...seemingly for the rest of its life.  But then...after months of thinking about it...a light went off when I realized I was looking at the WRONG end of the guitar.  More on this wonderful moment in another blog...including pictures of the first prototype strap. 

To everyone who tried to solve the "neck dive" problem in the past, I salute you.  Your efforts were not made in vain.

All the best,


The Neck Dive Strap [TM] is Patented
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Richie Miller said:

Your comments are welcome. I’ll get the ball rolling…

Share the Model Guitar or Bass you have or have had that is a “Diver”…

The Gibson EDS-1275 Doubleneck.

The Epiphone EB-3 “SG” style bass

The Epiphone Viola Bass

These are gorgeous guitars that would sell better if they came with a Neckdive Strap…


Ekendra Dasa said:

My Gretsch G5422TG-12 needs a Neck Dive Strap. I’m sure of it.

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